Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions

PO Box 411, 4002 Stavanger, Norway

We receive quite a lot of questions regarding where to buy music released through CCAP. We deliver music to digital shops all around the world through our business partners at Phonofile. To make your shopping experience as easy (and even fun?) as possible we have made the Musiconline store an integrated part of this website. In the Musiconline shop you will find all our releases, both as digital files and as physical copies (CD´s / vinyl). We are working on including a comprehensive list of all shops carrying our titles around the world, for now you can use these links to connect to the artists / releases on iTunes or check the list (scroll down)

(PS Unfortunately for some reason these links dont work on all browsers / operating systems. If you have problems, search your local iTunes store for title or artist, or use " or title" in your browser DS)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - (Not Just) Another X-Mas Album Helldorado - (Not Just) Another X-Mas Album
VARIOUS ARTISTS - POP08 - The Sound Of Stavanger Attention Now - POP08 - the Sound of Stavanger
THE BRIGADE - Dead Man´s Gold The
THE LIST - All releases The
HOVERING ORVILLE - Silverlines Hovering Orville - Silverlines
FLYING SHOES - Flying Shoes Flying Shoes - Flying Shoes
THOMAS DYBDAHL - all releases Thomas Dybdahl
STONEFISH BRIGADE - all releases Stonefish Brigade
SKANKSTERS - Shaven Not Stirred Skanksters
MODAN GARU - all releases Modan Garu
POPFACE - all releases Popface
HELLDORADO - all releases Helldorado
THE NORWEGIAN FORDS - The Norwegian Fords The Norwegian Fords - The Norwegian Fords
THIRD AVENUE - The Grand Turn Third Avenue - The Grand Turn
CHRISTER KNUTSEN & SACRED HEARTS - The Way It Will Always Be Christer Knutsen & Sacred Hearts - The Way It Will Always Be - Single
OTTESTAD - Ottestad Ottestad - Ottestad
LANO PLACES - all releases Lano Places
JACKMAN - all releases Jackman

These are some of the digital music services where CCAP´s releases are sold:

• iTunes
• Amazon
• Spotify
• eMusic
• Real Rhapsody
• Platekompaniet
• WiMP
• Nokia
• Basepoint Media
• 24-7 Entertainment
• Beatport
• Telenor
• Thumbplay
• TDC Play
• Napster
• Juno Download
• Finetunes
• Bleep
• Jamba / Fox Mobile
• Netcom
• WhatPeoplePlay
• DJ Download
• 7Digital
• Boomkat
• Musikkonline
• Didiom