The Sound Of Stavanger


As we mentioned in our first blog post this year CCAP have moved location and we are currently reshaping the company to better meet the demands of todays music market. We have been spending a lot of time lately doing research, studying the music market, the players, the tools, emerging trends, the different ideas and philosophies regarding todays music business and where we are all headed. There is so much going on in the world of music and in the music business these days that just thinking about it can make you dizzy. The downside is that there are so many different opinions and so many options these days that it is really to hard to figure out which way to turn. The upside is that there will always be a need and interest for good music and there is a strong belief that there is still a need for someone to take care of the business side of things (thats us!)
We went to By:larm in Oslo in February to meet our colleagues and catch up on the latest business development and check out some new bands. Earlier this month we visited London as a member of the Music Export Norway delegation to learn more about the British Music Market and meet representatives from the British music business. We got stuck in London for a few days due to the Icelandic vulcano, which was a bit of a hassle. But still, if you are going to get stuck somewhere London is not the worst place to stay.
These days we are working hard to find funding for our company and the projects we have worked on the past months. Not an easy task in the best of times, made even harder by the negative trend in the music business for the past few years, but hopes are high and ambitions even higher.
Before the summer we will have a brand new websolution which we are really looking forward to launch. We have also recently signed a new distribution deal for Europe plus some other territories. More information on this later.
These are some of the artists we are working with these days, check our latest newsletter for more info on some of these talents
BORDERLINE CASE - basic rock´n roll just the way you like it. They have just released a new EP on CCAPlokal
SASQUACTH are releasing a new album on CCAPknirk these days. Jazz based but the band have shown that they also appeal to the indie and noize crowds
JORUNN HODNE will be releasing her debut album next month. Moody cabaret pop with a dash of jazz
THE BRIGADE with members from Helldorado and Stonefish Brigade will be releasing their debutalbum in September. A single and video will be released in May. Great band, dark folk influenced rock. If you like Helldorado and/or Madrugada you will love these guys
THE SHOCK! are releasing the first official single and video in May
SEBASTIAN WALDEJER is now an official member of THOMAS DYBDAHL`s touring band. The tour supporting the new Thomas Dybdahl album started this week
CHRISTER KNUTSEN just came home from his first European tour with Sivert Høyem. The tour was a great success
THE LIST released their new EP Twentysox earlier this year. There was a bit of a problem with the production of the vinyl, but its finally arrived and will be available online very soon
Talking about vinyl, the new RUB A DUBS album, Frozen Light, will also be available on vinyl online very soon.
HELLDORADO will be releasing their latest album, Sinful Soul, in Europe this fall. They will also be touring in Europe
Thats it for now, more news soon!