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New title on MySpace + Last Fm

Hovering Orville´s best seller on iTunes is "Confrontations".
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Hovering Orville release 17. November

A brilliant new singer/songwriter from Stavanger, Hovering Orville aka Birger Bekkeheie, releases his solo debut "Sliverlines" through CCAP monday 17th November.
Great voice, great tunes, great atmosphere. Rock and Americana, Indie and Country. If you listen closely to his music you might find traces of some of the artists Hovering Orville are inspired by: Ryan Adams, Bright Eyes, Band Of Horses and Neil Young. Hovering Orville has posted one of the album tracks, "Spoiling The Moon", on his
MySpace site. The album will be available through Musiconline on the releases date, and through iTunes and other fine digital music providers soon