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By:larm 2012

CCAP and Great Moments BY:LARM 2012 - OSLO

This week we are joining forces with our friends at Great Moments and Great Songs to represent our growing roster of both local up and coming talents and established acts at By:larm in Oslo
We are looking forward to checking out a lot of great live acts, meeting old friends (and making new friends), and hopefully doing some business while we´re at it. We will be participating in «Export Speed Meetings» hosted by By:larm on Friday, and we´re as always available for a cup of coffee / pint of beer and a chat to discuss mutual beneficiary opportunities. You´ll find our contact info at the By:larm delegate database (or just send us a mail at tom at

A few bands from Stavanger to check out at By:larm:

Friday 9:30 PM Victoria
Saturday 11:00 PM Herr Nilsen

Friday 8:30 PM Sub Scene
Saturday 11:00 John Dee

Friday 11:00 PM Revolver
Saturday 9:00 PM Rockefeller Annex

Saturday 10:00 PM Folketeateret

By:larm flyers. Please ignore the Soundcloud link on the flyer, use the player above

bylarm 2012 flyer-new_Page_2

bylarm 2012 flyer-new_Page_1

CCAP at By:Larm

BY:LARM 2011

This week we are off to join the
By:Larm festival in Oslo again
We are looking forward to catching up with old friends and colleagues, meeting new people, learn more about the state of the music business and checking out some of the hundreds of acts playing at venues around town. The Stavanger delegation will be setting up «base camp» at
Food Story at Grünerløkka Thurday - Saturday 3PM - 6PM. Please join us for a beer, coffee, snack and chat!

Johnny Hancocks will be performing Friday 18. Feb, 8 PM at The Rockefeller Annex and Saturday 19. Feb, 8.30 at Gloria Flames.
Johnny Hancocks are also this weeks pick at (National Broadcaster) NRK´s Urørt. There is a interview with the band (in Norwegian) and a brand new video at the Urort site

In addition to Johnny Hancocks we are promoting a bunch of great acts to anyone willing to listen. We are interested in representation: synch, music placement, distribution and promotion. Check out our new playlist, and please don´s hesitate to get in touch for more information. Feel free to share this playlist

CCAP By:larm Promo 2011 by CCAP

CCAP at By:larm

We are looking forward to By:larm in Oslo this weekend. This year we have established a «Stavanger HQ» at Food Story in Thorvalds Meyers gt 61 at Grünerløkka. Please come by and grab a beer or coffee, have a meal (20% discount for delegates and artists), and say hello:

Thursday 18. Feb - Saturday 20. feb
17.00 (5PM) - 20.00 (8PM)

Thursday is by invitations only (get in touch if you need an invite!), Friday and Saturday everyone is welcome

Live program
Friday 6pm
Sebastian Waldejer
Friday 7pm
The List

Saturday 6pm
Christer Wulff
Saturday 7pm Sebastian Waldejer


If you would like to get in touch or set up a meeting with CCAP at By:larm, please send a mail:

CCAP at By:larm in Oslo

Yes we are of course traveling to By:larm in Oslo this week. We are looking forward to meet collegues, cheking out new bands and having a great time. If you want to hook up keep an eye up for Tom at the international lounge at the hotel. Stavanger will host an event at The Parliament House (Storinget) Friday nights with live music (The Low Frequency In Stereo, Sebastian Waldejer, Mordi and more), tapas, beer and lots of good people. Should be good fun.