The Sound Of Stavanger

Dec 2012

2012 Top List and Playlist


A new year is just around the corner and it´s time for a big THANK YOU to all the artists we´ve been involved with in 2012, and all the music lovers out there who´s streamed, bought and listened to our music.

We´ve put together a playlist with some of the highlights of 2012, as well as a couple of Top 10 lists for those who might be interested

This compilation features tracks from all CCAP´s releases in 2012 in reverse chronological order. All tracks available through iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Deezer, Amazon etc. Please share the playlist!

Top 10 Downloads - Release

Artist - Release - Cat #

Deathbarrel - Merciless Winds - CCAP144
Frode Johannessen - Ein liden tegning - CCAP148
Elise Vatsvaag - This Is Not My Music EP #1 - CCAP146
Atlars & DJ Veekash - Tigerbalsam for sjelå - CCAP156
Jorunn Hodne - Move On - CCAP161
Helldorado - Sinful Soul - CCAP085
Helldorado - The Ballad of Nora Lee - CCAP040
Elise Vatsvaag - This Is Not My Music EP #2 - CCAP147
Adele Erichsen feat. kNERO - Not Drunk Enuff - CCAP125
The Norwegian Fords - The Norwegian Fords - CCAP075

Top 10 Download - Tracks
Artist - Track - Release - Cat #

Adele Erichsen feat. kNERO - Not Drunk Enough - Not Drunk Enuff - CCAP125
Adele (Erichsen) - Don´t Get Me Started - POP08 The Sound Of Stavanger- CCAP067
Fab Foursome (Line Larsen)- Suffering - (Not Just) Another X-mas Album - CCAP034
Eltervaag - Wasteland- Eltervaag EP - CCAP130
Elise Vatsvaag - Ooh La La - Ooh la la - CCAP124
Poor Edward - Power Of The Gospel - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Poor Edward - Switzerland - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Poor Edward - Look To The Sky - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Poor Edward - The Storm - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Janove Ottesen & Kitchen Orchestra - Pumper Julen rett inn - Pumper Julen rett inn - CCAP142

Top 10 Streaming - Tracks
Artist - Track - Release - Cat#

Adele (Erichsen) - Don´t Get Me Started - POP08 The Sound Of Stavanger - CCAP067
Adele Erichsen feat. kNERO - Not Drunk Enough - Not Drunk Enuff- CCAP125
Poor Edward - Follow Me Down - Soldiers and Sundays - CCAPlokal88
Cut The Track Productions - Någen har låge med någen (featuring JRH) - Någen har låge med någen (featuring JRH) - CCAP A.S. 110
FordRekord - Hold deg våken - Hold deg våken - CCAP160
Janove Ottesen & Kitchen Orchestra - Pumper Julen rett inn - Pumper Julen rett inn - CCAP142
Poor Edward - Anybody Seen Her - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Deathbarrel- Merciless Winds- Merciless Winds CCAP150
Elise Vatsvaag- Ooh La La - Ooh la la- CCAP124
Poor Edward - The Storm - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135

CCAP Physical catalogue relaunch


We are happy to announce that next week most of our catalogue will be relaunched through Musikkoperatørene (Norway). The catalogue is also available for international distribution. Please contact Musikkoperatørene (tomas [dot] linnes [at] musikkoperatorene [dot] no) or CCAP (tom [at] ccap [dot] no) for more info. There are a few titles missing, these will be added early january 2013. A few of the titles being relaunched on cd and / or vinyl haven´t been available for years, and we are absolutely thrilled to have these titles relaunched and to be working with the dedicated and positive crew at Musikkoperatørene.

All of these titles and more are of course also available for digital download and streaming through Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Wimp, Deezer & more

Browse our digital catalogue in our
Facebook / Klicktracks store

The following titles are now available through Musikkoperatørene for all record dealers in Norway (in alphabetical order):


Helldorado - New video and vinyl

Helldorado- «Bones In The Closet»
7» vinyl and digital and video

«Bones In The Closet» is Helldorado´s first new release since «Sinful Soul» (album - 2009). The new single is available as digital download / streaming as well as 7» vinyl with 3D cover designed and printed by Drid Machine, including 3D glasses and download codes. The vinyl is available through Bandcamp

Helldorado Facebook
Helldorado website

Elise Vatsvaag - EP #2

Elise Vatsvaag - «This Is Not My Music EP#2»

The new EP is a compilation of the four singles Elise has given away for free to her fans in the autumn / winter 2012. The EP is available for download and streaming at and at most service providers (iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Amazon, Deezer etc)

Norwegian singer-songwriter Elise Vatsvaag has created her own original and captivating sound while rubbing sonic shoulders with the likes of Lykke Li, Veronica Maggio and Robyn. Elise’s collection of songs «This Is Not My Music» was released throughout 2012, offering a glimpse of this young singer-songwriter’s burgeoning talents.

Elise Vatsvaag started her musical career at the age of 17. She received attention for a song she wrote with legendary songwriter James T. Slater in 2010, «Ooh La La», and the song playlisted on the biggest national radio in Norway for three months the following year. “This was a wonderful learning experience,” Elise recalls, “but it was when I spent five months in New York City last year (2011) that I started to move towards this new artistic direction.”

After returning from New York, Elise spent 4 months in the studio recording new material with producer Ashley Stubbert in her hometown of Stavanger. «This Is Not My Music», is a collection of 8 songs, which was released throughout 2012. A new song was released on the 10th of every month on, all tracks was available for a free download. Every fourth single was followed by an EP collection of the singles, digitally available everywhere.

«This Is Not My Music» is a concept recognizing the fact that music will eventually go free. Free, however, is only part of the business model. By unshackling her music and giving it away for free, Elise is using one product to add value to other products. As many artists have proven before her; free music helps generate interest in concerts and merchandise, the more people talk about the music increases the bands profile in turn receiving more marketing and licensing possibilities. To be recognized in a fast growing digital market artists need to find smart ways to spread good, relevant songs in the most efficient way. «This Is Not My Music» is Elise's solution.

Elise Vatsvaag

Elise Vatsvaag You Tube
Elise Vatsvaag Facebook
Elise Vatsvaag website


Yes, it´s that time of the year again.
From all of us to all of you, a slightly alternative x-mas collection.

Some of these tracks were first released in 2004 on the "(Not Just) Another X-Mas Album". Thirteen of the fifteen tracks on the compilation was specifically written for this compilation. Use the "buy" link to check out the rest of the album on iTunes.

As a bonus we´ve added two tracks from 2010 and 2011: Kitchen Orchestra´s collaborations with Pål Jackman and Janove Ottesen. Both these tracks are released on beautiful colored 7" vinylsingles with handprinted covers. (the tracks are also available for streaming and download through Spotify, Wimp, Amazon, 7-Digital, iTunes etc)

The latest addition to this playlist is the new single from Elise Vatsvaag: December. Not a x-mas track per se, but the title and the track fits nicely with the rest of the tracks