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Jan 2010

Sebastian Waldejer: London dates + new video


Sebastian Waldejer live in London:

4. march - The Lounge (Metropolitan)
6. March - The Regal Roon
7. March 12 - Bar Club Times (TBC)

Sebastian Waldejer released his first full-length album "Rise of the urban child" in august 2009 to critical acclaim. This young artist from the west-coast of Norway has an interesting and wide range of musicality in his songs, though he is often referred to as an indie-pop artist. Waldejer has toured and done showcases with and without his 3-piece band in countries including Norway, Germany, UK, Ireland, US (Nyc), Italy and Kazakhstan(!) In october 2009 he finished a UK & Ireland tour supporting Thomas Dybdahl & The great october sound + The Handsome Furs.

New You Tube video:

Sebastian Waldejer took advantage of the long cold winter we have been experiencing this year to build a snow chair and having a cigarette sitting in it while having the whole thing recorded as a DIY video for "Ode to the farewell". The track is from Waldejers first album "Rise of the urban child" and is available through iTunes, Spotify etc

Sleepyard album available through Parasol

The new Sleepyard album Future Lines is now available through Parasol Distribution:

Title:Future Lines
Artist: Sleepyard
Label: CCAPKnirk
PS, NORWAY Norwegian dream-psych sphere-harmonizers Sleepyard return with 'Future Lines', the follow-up to their exquiste 'Easy Tensions'. This new 2009 album sees the band branching out into new orbits of sound and making a break from usual pop sensibility in their works. Legendary pianist Mike Garson (David Bowie) plays piano on four songs and this has made the material more diverse and experimental. Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3) contributes with drones and other tones. Other guest musicians such as Lukas Devita from Lithuania on old soviet keyboard to Venezuelan vocalist Yani Martinelli (Navy Blue) on vocals, making this album a true world music experiment. This makes for a fullblown psychedelic experience. A soundtrack to drift away with to faraway worlds.

Download and Donate to Haiti!

This has nothing to do with CCAP but is a cause worth supporting. Music For Relief is releasing a compilation of unreleased tracks by Linkin Park, Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, Alanis Morissette, Slash, The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Kenna, Enrique Iglesias and Lupe Fiasco. Download and donate!

EGG3 - weird blog

EGG3 on blogspot. There is some really weird stuff going on here......

Atlars & DJ Veekash

The Norwegian MC Atlars and French DJ Veekash have been collaborating since 2002. This has resulted in an EP and several Mix Tapes / Street Tapes. Check out their new video «Sjekk Grooven» on You Tube. The track can also be heard on their new EP «Veien Framigjønå» on digital release and 12» vinyl cat # CCAPlokal094

Atlars & DJ Veekash release party at Martinique in Stavanger Saturday 22. January 9PM. Special Guests Våland Rockers Soundsystem

Interview in Stavanger Aftenblad 22.01.2010 (in Norwegian)

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Free CCAP tool bar

We stumbled across a tool-bar maker while surfing the internet and spent the coffee break testing the tool. A couple of cops of java later we had our very own CCAP tool-bar. We have added links to the main CCAP site, news, our you tube channel, websites (Facebook, MySpace for CCAP and sublabels), a search engine & more. To view the tool-bar, see our front page. To stay up to date with CCAP you can download our toolbar for free right here or click on the button on the banner further down this page. You can also add your own components and have some fun with it. Love it or hate it, have some suggestions on how to make this tool bar better? Please let us know!

New Skanksters single

Our very first release on CCAP ten years ago was Skanksters´ debut album «Shaven Not Stirred». Norway´s veteran ska band has finally got their act together and is releasing their first single since 2004´s «This Man EP».

The new single, «Life Is Here Today», is now available at
iTunes, Platekompaniet, Amazon and a whole range of digital download stores and streaming services. The track is also on the CCAP jukebox on our front page

Check the behind the scenes video of the
rehearsals and recording of the song at YouTube as well as a live TV performance of the song

Skanksters will be launching a new website soon, for now check out the
Facebook site or their MySpace (the latter could do with an update...)

CCAP Top 10 - 2009

Top 10 CCAP releases – digital download & streaming – 2009

1. Sinful Soul – Helldorado
2. Now Breathe – Christer Knutsen & Sacred Hearts
3. Future Lines - Sleepyard
4. Rise Of The Urban Child – Sebastian Waldejer
5. Eleven Pieces Of A Broken Heart – Popface
6. Shaven Not Stirred – Skanksters
7. The Ballad Of Nora Lee – Helldorado
8. Shackels Undone – The Stonefish Brigade
9. The Norwegian Fords – The Norwegian Fords
10. France – Sebastian Waldejer

CCAP top 10 releases 2009 – SPOTIFY playlist

Top 10 CCAP tracks – digital download & streaming 2009

1. Dont Get Me Started – Adele (Pop08)
2. Hard To Stay Alive – Attention Now! (Pop08)
3. Northeast Texas Women – Flying Shoes (Flying Shoes)
4. All The Way up – The Colors Turned Red (All The Way Up)
5. The Way It Will Always Be – Christer Knutsen & Sacred Hearts (Now Breathe)
6. Less Than Zero – Sleepyard (Future Lines)
7. L.A. Freeway – Flying Shoes (Flying Shoes)
8. Afternoon Suntrap – Sleepyard (Future Lines)
9. Looking This Good – Christer Knutsen & Sacred Hearts (single)
10. Tecumseh Valley – Flying Shoes (Flying Shoes)

CCAP top 10 tracks 2009 – SPOTIFY playlist

Some artists are not included on these lists due to the fact that CCAP don´t hold the digital rights. Among these are Thomas Dybdahl, Cloroform, Geoff Berner and Micke From Sweden. Downloads and streaming through Napster, iMesh, iTunes,, Spotify, MSN, Aspiro, RealNetworks, TDC Musik, You See & more. Downloads through Musiconline are not counted on these lists

Happy New Year


It´s been a while since the last update, sorry about that. Since CCAP was founded 10 years ago the company has been run on part time basis by myself with help from a network of good friends, artists, colleagues and enthusiasts. Last year I decided to take the leap, quit the day job and dedicate all my time, experience and resources on CCAP.

These are interesting times for everyone trying to make a living in the Music Business, and I realize that it´s going to take a lot of hard work to turn the label around and find ways to earn a buck for the artists and ourselves but I am confident that we are going to succeed.

We´ll spend some time taking care of old paperwork and getting settled in our new location, but there will be exciting and interesting news soon, we´ll keep you posted.

In the mean time: Have a Happy New Year and note our new contact details

Stavanger 04.01.2010

Tom H Brekke

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