The Sound Of Stavanger

Happy New Year


It´s been a while since the last update, sorry about that. Since CCAP was founded 10 years ago the company has been run on part time basis by myself with help from a network of good friends, artists, colleagues and enthusiasts. Last year I decided to take the leap, quit the day job and dedicate all my time, experience and resources on CCAP.

These are interesting times for everyone trying to make a living in the Music Business, and I realize that it´s going to take a lot of hard work to turn the label around and find ways to earn a buck for the artists and ourselves but I am confident that we are going to succeed.

We´ll spend some time taking care of old paperwork and getting settled in our new location, but there will be exciting and interesting news soon, we´ll keep you posted.

In the mean time: Have a Happy New Year and note our new contact details

Stavanger 04.01.2010

Tom H Brekke

CCAP (Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions)
Po Box 411, 4002 Stavanger, Norway
Visit: Sandvigå 24, 4007 Stavanger, Norway
ph (47) 92250754 (please respect office hours when possible: 8 AM - 4 PM)