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Elise Vatsvaag - This Is NOt My Music #4


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Elise Vatsvaag tells us about her latest single:

I can’t believe I’m about to release a fourth single! 4 songs have been released, which basically means I’m halfway through the «This Is Not My Music» project. That is undeniably a fact that makes me feel tingly with joy and excitement. I am also very excited about this fourth single «The Night That I Let Go». Please allow me to explain why.
«The Night That I Let Go» is what I would like to call a «travelling tune». It first came to life during a Songwriter’s Circle, which is like a songwriting retreat where you meet up with different writers from across the world and make music together. In 2009 I paired up with Greg Holden, Jeff Cohen and Christian Ingebrigtsen – three excellent writers and amazing people. We wrote a funny song about drinking too much and partying too hard. It was great fun, but I never thought of either performing or recording the song. It was…well, a little over the edge. I could not, however, get some of the lyrical and melodic parts out of my head.
In the Summer of 2011 I was going over some old piano tracks that my friend and piano player Paul Fredrik Johannessen had sent me. I found a clip that I immediately fell in love with, and for some reason it made me think of the song I wrote back in 2009 with the boys. I called Paul and arranged a writing session with him. We jammed for a couple of hours, kept some of the melodies and lyrics from the session in 2009, and re-wrote a few things. Suddenly we had a song that sounded great. We called it «The Night That I Let Go». Technically speaking it took three years, five writers, two pianos, two guitars, two cities and two sessions to write this song. Phew.
I really hope you will like it.
I also wanted to let you know that on June 10th I’m releasing «This Is Not My Music EP#1», which holds the first four songs, «Safe Play», «Vena Amoris», «Neighborhood» and «The Night That I Let Go», and maybe also a surprise. You’ll have to buy it to find out. YES, buy! For the first time I’m asking for a price. For four months I’ve been giving my music away for free. On June 10th I’m releasing the first of two EP’s on iTunes and other digital stores. For those reading this, I hope you got a chance to download all the songs for free. If not, now there’s always a chance to get a hold of them.

That’s it for now
Elise Vatsvaag

Sebastian Waldejer on tour with Thomas Dybdahl

Sebastian Waldejer recently released his new single «We Never Get Away Anymore» (vinyl and digital versions), co-produced by Thomas Dybdahl. Sebastian plays guitar and keyboard with Thomas Dybdahl´s band on his USA tour staring this week. Check out the Thomas Dybdahl website for tour dates. Check out tracks, video and news (including Twitter feeds) on Sebastian´s facebook

The digital version of the new single is now available through Sebastian Waldejer, spotify, wimp, amazon, 7-digital and more

The vinyl version of the single is available through Bandcamp. We Never Get Away Anymore / The Ocean Is Full Of Tears, is available as a limited edition 7» single wrapped in a beautiful Stumptown Printers Arigato cover, handprinted by Kjetil Brandsdal. The vinyl single also includes a three track download (the original vinylmix of the tracks on the 7» + a new digital mix of the title track by Jørgen Træen from Duper Studio in Bergen). You can also choose to skip the vinyl (but why would you want to?) and opt for the digital download package. The B-side and new digital mix is only available as a bundle/package deal on Bandcamp, these two track can´t be bought separately.

Check out tracks from Sebastian Waldejer on Soundcloud:
Sebastian Waldejer - promo by CCAP