The Sound Of Stavanger

Popkomm 08

CCAP at Popkomm in Berlin

CCAP will be represented at Popkomm in Berlin again 8. - 10. October. The Norwegian delegation will be found at the Norwegian Export Norway stand (#18/303B).We have scheduled a few meetings with foreign companies to discuss opportunities that might benefit all parties involved. As always we are looking forward to meeting interesting people, having a good time, checking out some new bands and hopefully make some business friendships. We have a busy schedule but there are still some slots open if anyone would like to sit down for a coffee or beer. We are especially interested in discussing distribution, licensing, music placement etc for our new releases and also for our great catalogue outside of Norway. You don´t have to bring a business deal to the table though, we are more than happy to learn how other companies operate and what goes on in the music world in general.

Our friend
Sebastian Waldejer is in Berlin to soak up the atmosphere and write new tunes, so is Eltervaag who contributed the beautiful Let It Go to the Pop08 album. There is a rumor that they are putting together an unofficial Popkomm gig by themselves with a little help from some good local friends. Keep your eyes on this site and I will let you know as soon as this is confirmed.

Also, if you´re into true blue drinking bluegrass you should check out
United Steel Workers Of Montreal at Cafe Zapata Friday 10. October 11.45pm. They have a new album coming out soon on Weewerk
Seeing this band live always makes me drink too much, and their label boss Phil Klygo is a great guy, so get your beers in and check out the band!