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The Brigade - new single & free mp3

The Brigade release their debutalbum «Dead Man´s Gold» 30. August
Their brand new single «We All Fall Down» is now available for streaming and free mp3 download at Soundcloud
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The Brigade - We All Fall Down by CCAP

THE BRIGADE - debut single

THE BRIGADE - She Wouldn´t Let Me Drown

The Brigade´s debut single will be available through iTunes etc 7. June.
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Riding their musical train across the American continent their lyrics reflect a misanthropic environment where religion and alcohol are the pillars of life. Most women have turned their back to this world, and the few that are left have abandoned all hope of a respectable life. Some call their music rock, some country and yet others americana. You’ll hear references to Nick Cave and The Doors among others

The Shock! - new single / video

The Shock! - In Silence - New single and video
THE SHOCK! is melodic flair and sense of style, a sonic majesty of guitars and analogue synths driven by sexy basslines and a tight, solid post-punk battery. They have delivered a series of legendary concerts since 2007 with their sharp, feisty, dogged and dark blend of post-punk, noise rock and hypnotic melodies that draw on the Velvet Underground, Joy Division and Depeche Mode. Now they are rising slowly but surely toward the surface without attracting all the attention they actually deserve.

tag/key words :  post-punk, noise rock, indie pop, indie rock, In Silence, CCAP, King Knut, Fuck Art Let´s Kill, See The Blanks Sonicbids Bandcamp
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The Shock - In Silence - EP
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Jorunn Hodne - new album


Jorunn Hodne released her debutalbum «Trespassing» this week. This burlesque pop album files under a mix category between rock, pop, electronica and melodramatic garage jazz, topped with soul and «French feelings».  Jorunn Hodne’s debut album “Trespassing,” is envisioned to be a “must-have” in every music aficionado’s iPod files. She describes her debut album to be the album people listen to during work out time, when you drive from A to C, working in the garden, when you make food or even love. The album aspires to be demanding yet sensual, sophisticated yet utterly simple. Hodne think’s that categories as burlesque pop and vintage pop suites her music style well.
- sounds like: james bond soundtracks, portishead, lenny kravitz, dinah washington, nick cave
- tag/key words: Burlesque pop, Vintage pop, dark pop, alternative, sensual, melodramatic

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Jorunn Hodne - Trespassing
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