The Sound Of Stavanger

Sinful Soul - new album out soon!

The new Helldorado album called Sinful Soul will be released in the end of April, and it is absolutely brilliant as usual. This is the first album recorded as a trio, all though they´ve had great help on the album by both a string quartet, horn section and backing vocals. The album was recorded at Bekk Studio and mastered by the great Barry Diament in New York.

Tracklisting: Steal Away, Your Sinful Soul, Try So Hard To Bee Good, The Happiest Day, Cross Dressing Truck Driver, Sixty Seven, And The Ravens Did Croak, Jump Baby Jump, Ten Little Demons, Gypsy Fair, Damn You Girl, Hellraising Outlaw.

A rough mix of Hellarising Outlaw is available on the POP08 compilation, the rest of the tracks are brand new.

Some of the track will be available on the internet before the release of the album. When and where will be announced later.