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Helldorado - New album release!

Helldorado - Bones In The Closet

Helldorado recently released the title track of their new album «Bones In The Closet» as a single. The single is available at iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Deezer and pretty much every streaming and download service out there. We also have a beautiful 7» version of the single (with 3D cover, 3D glasses and download codes included) at Bandcamp. Radiostations and media can download the track from iPluggers or get in touch with us at post [at] ccap [dot] com and we’ll mail you a link for download. Media can also get in touch with us for early copies of the cd (or download links) for reviews / features.

Feel free to share / embed this compilation playlist, including the new single «Bones In The Closet»:

The new album will be available as CD / Vinyl LP (with handprinted fold out cover) / digital. Physical distribution in UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland through
Cargo, Netherlands through Music & Words, Sweden through Naxos, Norway through Musikkoperatørene. The CD and vinyl will also be available through Bandcamp

19. April (Scandinavia)
29. April (Europe)
13. Mai (UK)

The release will be backed by a tour of both Norway and Europe. The new album is vintage Helldorado: It oozes of sorrow, sin, sex and pain, The band evokes the sensation of a burning sun on your neck, crunched sand between your teeth, a salty taste on your lips, a shaky finger on the trigger of a Colt 45, circling vultures silhouetted against a blue-white sky, a double whiskey on an empty stomach, and the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather & sweat.There is strong tradition of combining blues, country, rock and hardboiled crime. Murder, prison, crime, confession, remorse and punishment runs like a dark stream through the music of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Stan Ridgeway among others. Helldorado brings this tradition into the new century. Heldorado gives you the music, colours, smells and atmosphere usually connected with the image of southern USA and Mexico. As on their previous albums Helldorado presents filmatic music inspired by Morricone and Tarrantino, epic and dramatic murder ballads, Americana, and Rock Noir. Strings and a horn section is added to spice it up. Under the open sky, the wide and burning hot desert landscapes, Helldorados faithless characters burn holes in their souls.