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Helldorado in the European Football Championship

Turkey beat Norway out of the qualifier for the European Football Championship, but Norway is still represented in Switzerland / Austria this summer:

The Turkish company Ulker are sponsoring the Turkish National Football Team towards this summers European Championship.
They have chosen the Helldorado song “Drinking Song” for their campaign. The first leg of the campaign was released this week, and the response have been tremendous.

The 60 seconds video clip finds the Turkish National Football Team performing “Drinking Song” (with new football related lyrics). The commercial is now being shown on Turkish TV, and Helldorado and the Ulker commercial have also been featured on Turkish TV news. We are being told that this song is now more or less the official Turkish supporter anthem for the championship!

Helldorado have been receiving messages from Turkey on their
myspace, helldorado and facebook websites as well as on their cell phones (no, we are not giving out those numbers:-) the past days, so it seems a lot of the Turks understands where this songs comes from.

We are enjoying every bit of it, and hopefully this will help Helldorado to an even higher profile in Turkey.
Check out the Ulker Commercial on
You Tube
And Helldorado´s own video is right here