The Sound Of Stavanger

Vinyl cover designs

We love vinyl!

Yes, we do love vinyl. In a perfect world every release on CCAP would be on vinyl. In reality most of the releases these days are digital. But, luckily we are working with a few artists that share our love of vinyl. The sound, the touch, the format, the smell, the feeling of putting that pick up down on a fresh new single, or a well used old album. There is something about vinyl that you just cant find on a digital file, a cd or a cassette tape.

Anyway, head on over to
Kjetil Brandsdal / Drid Machine´s website to check out some of the lovely covers he´s made for CCAP and our artists recently. Johnny Hancocks, Kitchen Orchestra, Sebastian Waldejer and Poor Edward have all had their covers designed and printed by Kjetil the past year. And there is more to come! These singles are printed on Arigato covers from Stumptown Printers in Portland, USA. Honorary mention also goes out to Thor Legvold at Sonovo who is doing most of the vinyl mastering for us. Great work!

The singles are available through these Bandcamp pages (all vinyl singles includes digital download):

And last but not least a double 180 gram vinyl album by Pete Johansen. This is not a Drid Machine design or Stumptown cover, but it is an amazing album