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hardcore psychotic stonerrock punk metal
The hardcore stonerrock band known as PHAT was first conceived in 2006 when guitar strangler Benjamin Waldejer hooked up with his longtime friend and partner in crime, drummer Marius Grøtte. They started off jamming in the attic of a nearby mental institution, where Marius was employed at the time. There they spent their evenings combining their musical preferences into what has come to be known as THE PHATNESS. They both have the same perception of what music to play and always focus on heavy guitar riffs over pounding drum grooves.
For the next two years the band played as an instrumental duo, playing gigs in and around Stavanger. During this two year period they also recorded their live instrumental album «Live@Orre» which was previously available at their MySpace page.
In the early spring of 2008 they asked their old friend and notorious hardcore poet, Øyvind Munthe, if he would consider doing some vocals with the duo. It was a perfect match and ever since the frantic screams, microphone abuse and aggressive flows have complemented the massive sound of PHAT.
Since then they've played gigs wherever and whenever, ranging from the hardest rock venues to private parties and openair events. No matter where they play they always deliver the distinct sound that is ferocious and Phat.
The band started the recordings of their debut EP the summer of 2009
Released by: CCAP
Release/catalogue number: CCAP109
Release date: Jun 12, 2010
ISRC: NO-2FR-10-01010

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